fine art photography | Ocean Beach, California


Fine art limited edition of 10.

Located just south of the Ocean Beach tide pools and at the base of the Santa Cruz cliffs is a surprise you will only witness if the tide is low enough. The day I shot this image, I had no idea what I was in for. Low tide is one of my favorite times to shoot because that's when I find things that are normally hidden by the ocean. Though the tide was low, it was on it's way back in and the waves were aggressive. I really wanted to get a misty and foggy ocean in the foreground but I wanted the clouds to be as sharp as possible. So, I decided to shoot two different exposures, a short one for the sky and a long exposure for the foreground. Both shots needed to be precise and done consecutively as the light was changing quick. In the end, I got more than I bargained for and I was blown away by the resulting image.

Untitled photo

To purchase this piece, please email the artwork title, size and medium you are interested in and I will respond as soon as possible. A signed and numbered certificate of authenticity will be shipped separately. Shipping is free within the US. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Please mention if outside the US. Secure payment processed using PayPal.

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