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Dream To Dream

Fine art limited edition of 50.

 Composite photography is the blending of two or more images to create one final image. Some might assume that it's a simple two step process in Photoshop. Most often though, it can require several hours of photography and editing work to complete the final piece. If you're shooting landscape without a filter, you may need to have one exposure for the foreground and another one for the sky. Otherwise, either the foreground will be too dark or the sky will be too bright. With this image , I simply did not like the sky. I was in love with the foreground and decided to swap the sky out from another image. The foreground was shot in La Jolla and the sky was shot at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego. Blending two separate images to look like one uniform image can be very difficult but also fun and rewarding.

Limited Edition Wall Art

Gallery Quality Acrylic Art Prints

Dream To Dream Acrylic Print

16 x 24     $550

24 x 36     $1100

45 x 30     $1600

ChromaLuxe High Definition Metal Print

Dream To Dream Metal Print

16 x 24     $350

24 x 36     $600

45 x 30     $900

To purchase this piece, please email the artwork title, size and medium you are interested in and I will respond as soon as possible. A signed and numbered certificate of authenticity will be shipped separately. Shipping is free within the US. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Please mention if outside the US. Secure payment processed using PayPal.

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