fine art photography | Imperial Beach, California

Conscious Moment

Fine art limited edition of 10.

The sky was mostly clouds with the sun peaking out through a few empty spaces. Sunset was fast approaching and it didn't look too promising. Every sunset chasing landscape photographer knows this situation and knows it isn't over until it's over. When you get your chance to go shoot, you take it and you always have hope because of nature's tendency to change everything in the blink of an eye. You have to find your spot with the composition you feel is going to work when the colors finally pop. On this day in Imperial Beach , the sky opened up and framed an image that was breathtaking for all of about two minutes. I was really hoping for some nice reflections, so I set my tripod low and waited. It's amazing how different types of clouds at different elevations will reflect multiple shades of colors. 

Untitled photo

To purchase this piece, please email the artwork title, size and medium you are interested in and I will respond as soon as possible. A signed and numbered certificate of authenticity will be shipped separately. Shipping is free within the US. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Please mention if outside the US. Secure payment processed using PayPal.

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