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Limited edition of 50.

This one was another happy accident for me. Much like another of my works called " The Reach ", this image was captured using my Iphone 8+ while I was out cleaning swimming pools. I'm pretty sure this tree was calling out to me and wanted it's turn in the spotlight. So, I snapped a few shots and this one in particular was shot at just the right angle to capture the sunbeams. This was done before I bought my first dslr camera ( my Nikon d7500 ). I was doing all of my editing on my phone using snapseed. 

Limited edition wall art

Untitled photo

luxury fine art acrylic prints

Untitled photo

Beaming Acrylic Print

15 x 21     $450

20 x 28     $800

chromaluxe high definition metal prints

Untitled photo

Beaming Metal Print

15 x 21     $300

20 x 28     $450

To purchase this piece, please email the artwork title, size and medium you are interested in and I will respond as soon as possible. A signed and numbered certificate of authenticity will be shipped separately. Shipping is free within the US. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Please mention if outside the US. Secure payment processed using PayPal.

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