Artist Statement

Thirty plus years in the music biz came to a screeching halt one day and I realized that, at 46 years old, that lifestyle wasn't working anymore. For years I feared the day I'd have to hang it up. When that day showed up, I was crushed and wondered how I could continue to express my creativity anymore. In my earlier days, something like this would throw me into depression and binge drinking to attempt to cover it up. As a husband and a father of two, that is just not an option. I never looked at photography as a creative outlet. In fact, I didn't even know what fine art photography was. A picture was just a picture. I've always enjoyed taking pictures but never knew what it was like to create pictures. Then I discovered Brooke Shaden and Peter Lik. Both of these people are very inspiring to me. They taught me that there are many ways to be creative with photography.  I started taking pictures of everything everywhere. Eventually I got a DSLR camera and a couple of lenses and within months I was building a following and even got nominated for a couple photography awards. I now have thousands of fans and followers that inspire me everyday. My art has developed immensely in a year and there are exciting opportunities on the horizon. 

My art is free from rules, as art should be. I create because I have a passion to create. I create what I want to see and I am my number one fan. Sometimes it's about beauty, sometimes it's about mystery or romance. Sometimes I just follow my instincts and act like a vessel through which the art creates itself. Each piece has it's own story, it's own process and it's own result and if it doesn't satisfy me, you won't see it. Through my work you can see my love of beauty, my awkwardness, my love for exploration, my ocd-like passion for long exposure, my respect for mother nature, my ability to set my creativity free and my acceptance of who I am by sharing what comes from within. It does take courage for an artist to share the work they create. I'm really honored that you've shown this much interest in my mission and passion. Enjoy my galleries and the beauty of Mother Earth.      

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